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Driving Instructor Training in Sheffield

A rewarding career, and be your own Boss! 


If you are interested in a career as a DVSA Approved Driving Instructor look no further, our team can provide training in Sheffield and surrounding towns and villages.  Learn in your spare time, around your job or childcare. 


Before you apply, research life as a driving instructor, potential income and job flexibility.  Call us for our honest oppinion, its not for everyone.


There are stages you must complete in turn.  Get the ball rolling by clicking on each link.


1.  Do you meet the criteria?

2.  Complete a CRB check

3.  Apply to be an  Instructor

4. Contact us to start your training!


Our training is one to one and on a pay as you go basis so no lump sums to find like with some of our competitors.  There are 3 parts to pass.  A theory test, a driving  test and  a test of your instructing ability.  We will help with all 3. 


Automatic and Manual
Female Driving Instuctor Training in Sheffield


Qualifying as a DVSA Approved Driving Instructor Opens Many Doors


You can instruct new drivers, provide refresher lessons, pass plus and motorway lessons.  In addition, fleet work, ecosafe training and train others to become driving instructors like you!


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Perhaps you have just qualified or you have been instructing a while and you don't have enough customers.  Contact us!


We are receiving many calls  from customers in  Sheffield and beyond, generated through recommendations to our trusted brand, our online marketing, social media, mail drops and events.


Go For It 'Girl' instructors command a premium lesson fee and we aim to keep you local. 



We offer


Low cost start up package

 4 to 6 weeks franchise free  per year

Unlimited supply of customers

 A car if required

 A friendly ear and advice

 Social events with other instructors


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Love your job, become a female driving instructor in Sheffield! Go For It 'Girl'!


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